What I really do for a living… And no, it’s not watching soaps and playing on Facebook.


I work a lot of hours, most of which are done in my home office or at my kitchen table.  Occasionally I’ll take off to teach a seminar, attend a conference, or spend an entire day holed up in the back corner of a coffee shop (the rarest of all occasions).  I’ve been trying desperately to follow a routine that allows me to have the tiniest bit of a social life, which I’ve found simply opens me up to more questions about my work.

For some strange reason, when someone asks a family member (outside of my husband and kids) what I do, they reply ‘she coupons’.  How impressive is that?!?  I went to college SIX times to coupon.  I guess I see where they get it.  I’ve taught couponing workshops for ten years, but they are just a small portion of what I do, and honestly, they are a ‘for fun’, make no money job on the side.

Even though I know exactly what I do, when someone asks me, I usually reply with a canned response, ‘I work from home’. That used to invoke curiosity.  Everyone was interested in working from home. Now it can stop a conversation dead in its tracks and send the person who asked running for safety.  Working from home is now associated with multi level marketing scams and direct sales recruiting.  So why the canned response?  Because I do so much that it’s hard to narrow it down to a short conversation, and when you work at home, you’re so excited to speak to another human that it might actually take longer than normal.  It also lessens the idea of success.  I tend to keep to myself because I fear that even speaking of my accomplishments might be considered bragging.  I prefer to be humble.  

So, what do I really do?  I own a media company, which encompasses several small companies.  I’m actually in the middle of incorporating, which is a huge step!  I’ve always loved learning about anything and everything, and I’ve found a way to wrap all of that useless knowledge up and create my own dream job.  

  • I create and photograph recipes and crafts for hundreds of popular magazines, cookbooks, and websites.  
  • I own and run 23 active websites, along with over 100 Facebook pages and groups, in addition to all other social media accounts.  
  • I design planner pages.  
  • I have several books published, both fiction and non-fiction.  
  • I design party supplies.  
  • I am an accounting consultant, specializing in freelancers and internet businesses.

In addition to all of the above, I also have a lineup of over 40 workshops that focus on bootstrapping and personal finance.  I’ve taught at four universities and several technical schools, along with hundreds of conferences, events, and private groups.

The opportunities that I’ve been blessed with are things that I never thought possible.  I’ve worked with and met dozens of celebrities, including Bob Harper, Mario Lopez, and Molly Ringwald. I’ve written articles for magazines that I idolized as a child.  I’ve taped segments for national news shows and syndicated columns for newspapers.  The biggest blessing has been the tens of thousands of families that I’ve helped get their spending under control and bootstrap their dream job.

I’m often asked how I found my job- and for that, my answer is simple.  I created it.  




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Is it your dream to work from home?  This workshop covers hundreds of opportunities that you never knew existed!  Work from home jobs are available at an all-time high, but it can be difficult to know where to start searching.

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  • Types of employment
  • Turning your passion and skills into a career
  • Success strategies
  • Pros and cons of working from home
  • Organization

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Sensible Earnings

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013
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Panera Bread Meeting Room (Adjacent to Library Station)
North Kansas Expressway
Springfield, Missouri
Cost: $18 in advance, $25 at the door (if seating is available)

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To view the full description of this workshop, click here: Sensible Earnings

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