So this couponer walked into a grocery store….

Last night, I had to run into town to pick up my new glasses (a story in itself- if I feel more nostalgic, I might tell you later). We were out of milk and potatoes and I also wanted to pick up something quick and easy for dinner as I was running late and didn’t plan ahead. I did not want to go 10 miles out of my way to stop at the local store, so I decided to go to the grocery store in town.

Walmart is currently in a remodel, so I decided to avoid it. There are 2 other stores in town, both of the same chain. These stores are not known for their cleanliness. But these stores are running some great deals this week, so I tried to justify the stop.

As I walked to the back of the building to pick up my milk, the unmistakable smell of smoke got stronger. As I got closer, I realized that the smell was coming from employees smoking inside the building in a breakroom with open doors. Is that even allowed?

This store is offering several in-ad coupons this week. My ad was missing the middle page with the coupons. I was purchasing 2 identical items that required the coupons. I asked the cashier if she had any available. She tore out one from a HUGE stack of ads. I asked her if she could scan it twice because I had two items. She said that they have to tear out one coupon for each product. So, instead of printing extra ads with just the coupons, or allowing the cashier to scan the same copy repeatedly, the store is wasting an entire 8 page ad for each sale product. Way to go!!!

I would like to thank said store for contributing to the health of their customers and the environment. WAY TO GO!!!

Monday’s Menu

I’ve posted over on the Stockpile Cooking site that I’m trying to get a little more into menu planning. If only I would just sit down and do it! I’m going to start posting my menus here so that I’m held a little more accountable for my actions.

Monday: Sloppy Joes and homemade french fries (with new potatoes)
Tuesday: Chicken and Biscuits
Wednesday: Stuffed Peppers
Thursday: Chicken Salad Sandwiches
Friday: Hamburgers (this is dependent on when we leave to go camping)

What are you guys having?

Normally, I don’t..

like to post pictures of the kids online, period. But, since so many family members and friends read the blog, I thought I’d share a couple from Katie’s ball game last night.

Miss Kate before the game started. She’s gotten to where she loves to pose.
Kate, up to bat!
Ethan, chalking the lines before Kate’s game. He got paid in pickles- his favorite! He had to make a mad dash to another town for his game shortly after hers started.
My little infielder!

Blog Overhaul Suggestions

As you’ve probably noticed, the blog is in the process of getting a great new look!

I am looking for reader suggestions for the new content. What features do you like and want to keep? Which would you rather not see? What would you like to see featured in the blog? Are you interested in writing a guest post on anything frugal for the blog?

You can either leave a comment below or send an email to with you ideas and suggestions.


Blog Renovation

I am in the process of renovating the blog. Since I know nothing about this, it’s going to be a trial and error process over the next few days. Please don’t panic if you find dead links.

Thank you for your patience,

Summer Stockpiling

I think that May-August are the best months for couponers. There are so many items at rock bottom prices! Summer holidays almost always include cookouts, so quick meats and condiments are at great prices. Look for convenience foods at a deep discount- manufacturers expect families to purchase larger amounts of these grab-n-go items. The following is a listing of great items to stock up on in the summer:

Hot Dogs

Pre-packaged Deli Meats


Breakfast Meats


Pop Tarts



Salad Dressing




BBQ Sauce

Steak Sauce



Canned Beans

Canned Tuna

Macaroni and Cheese

Rice/Pasta mixes

Drink Mixes




Pasta Sauce

Ready-Made Frozen Foods



Snack Foods (fruit snacks, granola bars, string cheese, etc)


A One of a Kind Freebie!

If you’ve seen the news in the past 2 days, you know that SW Missouri was hit with some terrible storms. Apparently, this was a once in a lifetime, rare storm, called a Depecho (pardon my spelling). These storms cause widespread, hurricane like damage across the state. While we were out at the farm yesterday cleaning up demolished barns, cutting a tree off of the house, and trying to get the tractor out of the tree, we noticed this little surprise out in the pasture.

This mule colt is the product of my beautiful horse and the ugly ‘ol donkey. We had no clue she was expecting, he’s been out in the pasture with other, smaller horses for years and nothing has ever happened. We knew she had gained weight, but thought it was from the long winter.

Tonight we checked the other horses, and it looks like the gorgeous paint, Coya, is expecting also, and soon. This is kind of a blessing in disguise, the kids’ old mare passed away a couple of months ago, this may just take their mind off of that.

Isn’t he adorable? We’re looking for a name, the kids are fighting for Ben and Hannah Montana. If you have a great name idea, leave a comment below!

Gevalia – SS Coffeemaker + Travel Mug + Scoop
Try two pounds of exceptional coffee and receive a Deluxe Coffeemaker & Gevalia Travel Mug & Stainless Steel Coffee Scoop as a special gift, all for only $29.95 plus $5.95 shipping and handling. You can cancel this membership at any time to avoid further charges. The coffee maker alone retails for more than $100!

If you don’t need a coffee maker, this offer is for you! You can receive 3 boxes of Gevalia Coffee for $3 and receive a FREE stainless steel coffee mug. You are signing up for a membership, but you can cancel at any time. I would cancel as soon as you receive your coffee to avoid further charges. You can always sign back up for the promotional sales!

Free Personal Finance Seminar in Springfield, Missouri

Gateway to Saving has teamed up with Stefanie Marshall at A1 Accounting, Edward Jones, and Great Southern Bank to bring you a free monthly personal finance class. Due to a last minute venue change, this month’s class will be held on Thursday, April 30th at 6:00 p.m. at Godfather’s Pizza in Nixa, MO. You can view more information at or by emailing Stefanie Marshall at Please note that the venue change has not yet been updated on the website.

I hope to see you all there!

Off the Wagon- again.


We’ve had quite the whirlwind week. We spent the weekend out of town visiting relatives, my husband has had a horrific infection from a spider bite, we’ve had baseball meetings every night, and now I’ve come down with a terrible chest cold. I rarely get sick, but when I do…

We’ve also been without water for two days now. They are installing a natural gas pipeline on our gravel road, which has caused so many problems. A five minute car trip now takes 25. Our cars are so covered with muck and clay that we look like we’ve spent a lot of time 4-wheeling. Then, yesterday, they hit the water main. It was promptly fixed, not a huge problem- until they hit another one today. The pressure is really low, so I sent my husband out for pizza.

Hopefully, things will fall back into place by the end of the week.


Coupon Party Contest (SWMO only)!!!

I know how everyone loves giveaways! If you live in Southwest Missouri and are interested in a home coupon party, you are in luck. Gateway to Saving is holding a contest for the largest home party through the end of May. The winner will receive a Case-It coupon binder filled with baseball card pages and page protectors, plus other tools that will help you in staying organized. The winner will also receive (2) $20 GTS giftcards good for any class offered by Gateway to Saving and a $15 giftcard to the store of his or her choice.

Good Luck!!