If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a faithful reader and love me to pieces.  However, if you’re not and would like to retain some opportunity to blame me for your existence, I ask that you review the disclaimer policy below.  (If you love me unconditionally, you still have to read it!)  This policy is intended to reiterate common sense that should be exercised when reading any article or item on the web.

While I work diligently to only post the most accurate and up to date information, I cannot guarantee that every deal or offer will be valid at the time you read it.  These offers can get bombarded very quickly by bloggers and their following, and supplies may be exhausted quickly.

I try to review each and every offer to insure that it is a legitimate offer.  There are occasions when you will not qualify for an offer,  receive an offer, or apply for an offer.  All offers are hosted by 3rd parties and beyond my personal control.  I simply offer you a place to locate these offers.  I do not fulfill them.

I strive for accuracy, but I am human and I do make mistakes.  If you locate a mistake, please notify me and I will try to correct it immediately.

Sometimes, you might not be able to print a coupon.  Again, this is not my fault.  I recommend that you follow the trouble shooting tips outlined on that coupon’s website.  If you still are unable to print, contact the company directly.  Coupons are hosted by 3rd parties and are not managed by Gateway to Saving.

You will not receive all of the freebies you sign up for.  I don’t manufacture the products, handle the shipping, deliver the mail, or even work for the company that provides the freebies.  Mail gets lost, supplies become exhausted, things happen.

You will get junk mail from signing up for offers.  Freebies are offered to get you to sign up for a company’s newsletter.  It happens.  If you don’t believe me, read the fine print on each offer.  Many are gracious enough to offer you a choice, but you do have to select (or unselect) it.

Please read the fine print on EVERY offer.  I cannot screen each offer against each reader to guarantee a good fit, or even that you qualify for the offer.

Occasionally, I am offered compensation to write a post or promote a product.  This will be plainly stated in all applicable posts.  Don’t flame me, I have to pay for the site somehow!

I am a self-proclaimed expert.  I have a gift for deal seeking.  I do not have a degree or license in deal hunting.  If you’re looking for a licensed deal hunting expert, I encourage you to look in your local yellow pages.  Let me know if you find one!

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There is a small possibility that a link may take you to an adult related site.  This is beyond my control.  I will remove all such links immediately upon notification.  I strive to make this a family friendly site.

This blog is not intended to cause harm to it’s readers.  I like to keep my readers happy, healthy, and harm-free.

I claim no financial responsibility for any loss my readers suffer as a result of my posts.