Become a Blogger in 7 Days | Class Material

Good Morning and welcome to the Become a Blogger in 7 Days workshop!

This workshop is set up to help get your blog set up in just 7 lessons!  Each lesson is geared towards an absolute beginner and is packed with photos and tips.  They are also in easy to read PDF format.

You are free to work at your own pace, but I’ll be devoting one day to each lesson in the Facebook Group.

I’ve made a quick audio introduction to the class, but all of the lessons are written.  Below, you’ll find the introduction, along with today’s lesson and worksheet.


Lesson One | What is Blogging

Lesson One Worksheet

Lesson Two | Choosing Your Domain

Lesson Two Worksheet

Lesson 3 | Purchasing Your Hosting and Setting Up WordPress

Lesson 3 Worksheet

Lesson Four | Installing Your Theme

Lesson Four Worksheet

Lesson 5 | Plugins, Pages, Posts, and Menus

Lesson Five Worksheet

Lesson 6

Lesson 7 _ Customizing Your Sidebar


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