ING Direct Financial Independence Day | Earn up to $205 in FREE Money!

Just last week we talked about our savings account at ING Direct and how it helped us save enough to pay HALF down on our home in just a few years. 

One of my favorite perks of ING Direct is their incentive program.  Each year during July 4th and Black Friday, they offer some amazing incentives that provide you with FREE money. 


If you open a Kids Savings account (with NO initial deposit), today or tomorrow, you’ll receive a $17.76 bonus in each account.  You’ll start earning interest on the bonus immediately, and your funds will be available for withdrawal after 30 days.   The only stipulations are that you or the child must be a new customer to ING Direct and the child must be under 18 years old.  It’s really that easy.

How to get this bonus:

1.  Set up an ING Direct account via this link:  KIDS Savings Account Bonus

2.  Select ‘Open a Kids’ Savings Account’.

3.  That’s IT!

4.  I do recommend you set up a regular deposit of at least $1- it will definitely add up to help pay for those unexpected expenses. (Tip:  If you start adding $10 per week when your child is a baby, you’ll have $10,000 saved when they turn 18).


If you open an Electric Orange Checking account through July 3rd and make a total of 5 purchases within 45 days, you’ll receive a $76 bonus on August 22nd.  You can earn an additional $76 if you set up direct deposit and have at least two deposits of $250 posted to your account by August 31st.  The additional bonus will be deposited on September 10th.

Note from Alicia:  I really encourage you to try this program.  You can set up countless free savings account with automatic deposits for whatever you would like to save for.  There is no penalty for transferring balances.  It’s a good interest earning alternative for cash-only budgeting.  My current accounts are labeled: Emergency, Savings, Ethan, Katie, Christmas, Vacation, Automotive, and Home Repair.  Even $1 a week per account can add up!

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