Minor Changes to Dillons Coupon Policy


Calm down, it’s nothing major!  Dillons has decided to discontinue the credit for bringing your own reusable bags.   The following letter was sent out explaining the decision:

Dear Valued Customer:

We appreciate our customers’ continued efforts to help us lessen our impact on the environment, and particularly your interest in helping us reduce the amount of plastic and paper bags used to carry groceries. Your choice of switching to reusable canvas bags and/or reusing plastic shopping bags is commendable, as we work together to reduce the amount of plastic waste that ends up in our landfills.

In the past, we have offered an incentive of 5-cents per bag for each plastic, paper or canvas bag you have returned to reuse in our stores. This program started in the 1980’s as our initial efforts began to reduce the number of paper bags used, and therefore lessen the impact to trees being harvested from our forests. Today our closed loop recycling program saves 22 million pounds of plastic from entering landfills each year.

Together, the great success of our plastic bag recycling efforts has made our 5-cent bag refund program a relatively ineffective way for us to positively impact the environment. We are writing to make you aware of an important change to this program.

Effective January 1st, we will no longer offer this incentive. Instead, the money that has been used to fund the program will be redirected into other recycling, energy conservation, and composting efforts that will serve a more positive benefit to our environment, our customers and to the communities we serve.


Joe Grieshaber

President, Dillon Stores

Electronic Coupons

I’d also like to use this post to remind everyone of the issues with stacking manufacturer and electronic coupons.  While a few e-coupons will still allow you to stack it with a manufacturer coupon, I have absolutely no way of telling until I use them- which isn’t very often! 

Some electronic coupons are manufacturer coupons while others are store coupons.  I’ve noticed less issues with stacking when using the coupons loaded directly from the Dillons (or Kroger) sites. 

If you’d like, I can keep a spot open on the site where you can submit which coupons did or did not work for you- might save everyone some confusion in the long run. 

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