Diary of a Discount Shopper | The Black Friday Edition

Disclaimer: This post may be a day late and several dollars short.  

Black Friday is MY holiday.  The hubby gets Deer Day (his work actually gives them the first day of deer season as a holiday.  Don’t worry, they aren’t trying to be nice, they have decided that it costs more to have the few workers that show up that day sit idly).  During deer season, he does all of the hunting, and I help him process whatever he gets.  On Black Friday, I do the planning, and he helps me get what I want.

Planning for Black Friday gets more difficult every year.  You would think that because I focus on it for 6 solid months that I would be more excited.  The truth is, I get a little burned out the week before.  I think I just get overloaded.  Nothing is as fun when it’s your job. 

I’ve been doing Black Friday for a long time now- sometimes in shorts, other times in coveralls, but I’d yet to see snow.  I didn’t put a lot of stock into the icy weather forecast, but much to my surprise the weather men were right.  The roads weren’t bad enough to salt, with a little spot here and there, and the parking lots had some ice on them.  Not enough to keep us away!

Walmart decided to be a big jerk-wad this year and throw a monkey wrench in my plans.  They have always offered their non-doorbuster items at midnight, but this year they put many items that were considered doorbusters in prior years as the midnight sale.  Their ‘real’ doorbusters that began at 5:00 a.m. were the same price or lower a few days before Black Friday, but there were still die-hards lined up for hours for them.  If you’re devoted enough to wait in line for hours to get a products, I’d think you’d do a little price comparison first, but who am I to be sensible?

I chose to spend my time with my family and my Detroit Lions (however disappointed I may have been with them- the Lions, not the fam).  I did not want to sleep through Thanksgiving.  Brad and I headed home around 8:00 p.m. to try to catch a few Zzzz’s before it was time to leave.  I never did fall asleep!  Something about forcing yourself to sleep did not appeal to me.

We headed out to Walmart around 10:30, found our spots, and got everything we went after, thanks to my friend Amy and my sister in law.  It was so calm that we spent quite some time just chatting with friends we saw before leaving.  Our next destination didn’t open until 5 anyways.  After we left Walmart, we stopped by Kum & Go to grab some coffee.  For weeks they had signs up stating coffee was a quarter and all proceeds went to Toys for Tots.  I guess they didn’t align themselves with Walmart’s schedule, because they didn’t know to mark the price down at midnight.  In a small town with nothing but Walmart, there wasn’t going to be many shoppers left on Friday.

After adding about 60 tubs of creamer to my sludge coffee, we headed for Springfield (25 minutes) with no aim whatsoever.  We’re cruising around and I say- “hey, let’s head to Toys ‘R Us, I’ve got a $50 gift card that I forgot about”.  We got there around 1:30, got in line, and was in the store within 10 minutes or so.  Good thing, because this girl doesn’t wear a coat.  I was surprised at how orderly and easy it was.  You got in line and snaked around the store.  Simple as that.  However, you’d have thought this really inconvenienced the highly annoying lady behind me.  According to her, it was the stupidest thing she’d ever seen and she wasn’t going to stand in a line to look at things.  I’m not sure she shut up the entire time we were there.  I had to laugh at her- if she’d been there in prior years, she’d have got knocked on her stiletto wearing butt in a stampede at the door.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to stand back up when your  leather pants are suctioned to your rump?

By the time we left there, we headed over to the mall.  Here’s my tip.  Park on the north side.  I’m not sure why I’m the only one who does this.  People were fighting for parking spaces on the other side, and we were the only car in the north lot.  The funny thing is that when you walk in, the doors are directly across from each other.  I’d wager that they are the same amount of steps into the mall.  I’m okay with this.

As I got out of the car, my foot slipped on a patch of ice.  I caught myself and thanked my awesome Under Armour shoes.  We headed in to Old Navy.  There was just one girl’s coat left- and it happened to be the same color and size I needed.  We grabbed it and got in line, only to be in front of another GTS Chica.  It sure made quick time of the line to have someone to talk to.  If not, I might have fallen asleep.

We then ran over to Penney’s and grabbed our snow globes, then hit Bath and Body works to say hi to another GTS Chica.  We ran into a few more n the way out!  As I was walking to the car, I kept repeating to myself to watch for the ice I slipped on when I stepped out.  I remember last thinking that as I rounded the bumper.  I opened my door, got one foot in, and out went the other.  Good thing I’m equipped with a lot of handles- as I caught myself. 

Bass Pro was the next stop- and we got there early enough to take a nap in the car.  As the doors opened and the line started moving, I’m surprised there wasn’t a fight.  A man was VERY agitated that he’d been in line for so long, and newcomers were getting in front of him.  I’d have felt sorry for him- but there were lines at 2 doors, the other 2 had no one entering them.  Kinda dumb, huh?  Again, I was really impressed with their organization, as they just kept restocking the doorbuster items.  I already had everything I needed before there was a soul in the checkout line.  But then we decided to peruse.  We spent a good hour in line after that (and didn’t pick up one additional thing).  However, we met some really great ladies from Marshall, Arkansas that were behind us in line.  We had a blast.  I didn’t catch their names, but I’ve got a feeling they might be able to find me. 

After an uneventful stop at Ryan’s and Michael’s, we headed back to Marshfield to Orscheln’s.  When we were leaving, I ran into one of my best friends as a kid that I’ve not seen in nearly 5 years.  I was so excited to see her that we talked quite a bit- outside, in sub freezing temps. 

We got home around 11:00, covered up everything in the car with a blanket, locked it, and hid the keys.  I ran and picked up the kids, came home, and went to sleep as normal. 

See, wasn’t that an interesting story?  Ha!  Not really, but I’d love to hear yours!  What did you get?  See anything interesting?  I know some of you saw me- even though I was incognito with no makeup and hair pulled up.  I saw a few of you, too!

Leave your story in the comments field below!

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