Diary of a Discount Shopper | When to Speak Up

Have you ever purchased an item that didn’t quite live up to expectations?  What about ordering something and receiving an entirely different product than requested?  Are you all to familiar with bad service?  Do you often get charged incorrectly?

If you’re paying full price for these items, you’re going to speak up.. well, most of us would.  But what if you’re paying with a coupon, gift card, or using a special promotion?

Let’s say an item is on sale for $1.50 and you’ve got a $1 off coupon, leaving the final price at 50¢.  That’s a great deal, right?  What if that item rings up incorrectly at $2.50, would you catch it?  If you did, would you say anything?  All too many shoppers would feel a tinge of embarrassment at asking a cashier to double-check a price of an item that they are already obtaining at a discount, even if they technically aren’t.  That sale price is the same as using the coupon against full price, so why on earth would you bother?

I had a meltdown last Saturday morning.   Not a mental breakdown or anything, but I wasn’t too happy.  Last Friday night, I ordered some pizzas from Domino’s with my Groupons that were about to expire.  These Groupons were $8 and allowed you to purchase any pizza (including specialty).  I purchased the gift cards with free credits I’ve received over time, so I essentially paid nothing for these pizzas.

I ordered one specialty Hawaiian and one Philly Cheesesteak pizza, which are regularly priced at $17 each.   My total after using my Groupons was $1.15 for two pizzas.  Great deal!  Brad stopped to pick them up on his way home and by the time he got here, I’d already left for a workshop. 

When I spoke to him on my way home, he mentioned that he’d had to rearrange the fridge to put all of the pizza in it.  I assumed that it was just those two boxes and the box we had leftover from Pizza Hut a couple of nights before. 

When I got home, I didn’t even check the fridge.  I woke up the next morning, just CRAVING the Hawaiian (as their Hawaiian is delish).  I open up the fridge, pull out the top box, and it’s cheese.  CHEESE.  CHEESE.  Nothing but cheese.  I was slightly perturbed because I didn’t use my Groupon that was valid for a specialty pizza on a $5 pizza.  I was really perturbed that I had psyched myself up for a breakfast of Hawaiian pizza. 

I pull out the next box.  Philly Cheesesteak- exactly as ordered.  Now I’m even madder because they got Brad’s pizza right.  

Then I glance towards the bottom of the fridge, where there are TWO more Domino’s boxes.  What the heck?  I’m completely puzzled.  I pull them out.  One’s pepperoni, one’s ham and pineapple- which is NOT the same as the Hawaiian.  I asked Brad why he ordered two extra pizzas.  He denied it.  We then notice that there are stickers with someone else’s name on the side of the box. 

He had no idea how many I’d ordered.  He walked in, gave my name, and was charged the $1.15 I told him to expect. 

I picked up the phone to call and tell them that I’d received a cheese pizza instead of my specialty.  Brad’s too busy laughing at me over my outrage to provide any input- then he stops.  “You seriously aren’t calling them, are you?  I paid $1.15 for 4 large pizzas.” 

“But they gave us someone else’s pizzas and gave me a CHEESE pizza for my specialty one! I HATE cheese pizza!”  I calmly reply (you believe me, right?).

“Honey, you are overreacting.  It’s a 25¢ pizza.  I’m sure they already figured out that they gave me too many pizzas and corrected it for the other family.  You got 4 pizzas for the price of two- be happy.”

“But I didn’t order the other three!  That is their fault.  All I want is what I ordered.”

I think I’m going to pause this story right here…

What would you do?  Would you call them?  Would you just write it off?  What if you were paying cash for these pizzas instead of using Groupons?  I’m anxious to hear from you!  Please leave a comment with your advice below.  I’ll finish this one in the comments section after I hear your perspective!

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  1. Clayton says

    I would be irritated, but I would eventually get over it and not call them. I probably wouldn’t go back for a year or so. My wife on the other hand would have a raging fit, and most likely drive down there and get things straightened out LoL


  2. says

    In my house its the other way around. I’d be the one saying that it isn’t worth the effort, even though I’d still feel cheated. Hubby would be the one complaining. Except he’d call and yell at them enough that they brought us several replacement pizzas. :) Using a discount shouldn’t be an excuse for bad service though. I’d probably email customer service later. I’m too non-confrontational!


  3. Laura says

    We went through this with one company. At our house, we detest green peppers. They change the taste of everything they touch. I do, however, love green olives. After ordering a Canadian bacon, green olive, and onion pizza along with what the rest of the family wanted (with coupons), mine arrived with lots of green peppers, no green olives. I called, and they sent another one right away, no problem….also with green peppers. Yes, I did call again, and this time, as everyone had finished eating, they just credited my account for next time. I am sure there is a huge note next to my account now about green peppers, but it does pay to “complain.”


  4. Cindy says

    I live in the town of bad service. I am actually shocked with good service at this point. I would take my cheese pizza and 2 extras silently. If, however, they had only given me the cheese and philly after ordering two specialties, I might have to call the store on that one.


  5. Karen says

    Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy. There is nothing wrong with calling them and letting them know, in a respectful manner, that you did not get the pizza you ordered. The price you paid should not matter. It is none of their business how you paid for the pizzas. They need to make it right with you and give you your original order at no cost. They may try to argue, but it is difficult to argue with the truth. If it is a good company, they probably will not hesitate to make it right. If they are unwilling then at that point I would do as the above lady said and contact customer service at the corporate level.


  6. Christian says

    I would let them know! You weren’t happy with the lack of your Hawaiian pizza. Companies need to know when they mess up like that because they need to figure out how to not do it again. If people just get mad, but don’t let them know (in a calm, respectful way, of course!), then they won’t realize they did anything wrong! EVEN if it was only a “$1.15 mistake”. It isn’t the price, it’s the principle. you still paid for something you didn’t get.



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