20 Ways Kids Can Help in the Garden

Kids in the Garden MF


I’m watching the snow fall out of my office window, hoping that this is the last big snow before Spring begins.  I’ve had to neglect my garden over the past two years due to pregnancy and a newborn.  He’s now a rambunctious toddler, but he’s always on a mission.  I’ve never seen a child quite so goal oriented, and this thrills me.  As long as he’s outside and given a job, he’s happy and he won’t stop until it’s finished.

I may be overly ambitious, but I think this may carry into the garden this season.  Not only will it keep him occupied, it will motivate me to spend more time out there.

Gardening with a toddler is going to be a major change for me, so I’ve been trying to plan the best I can so that I always have something to keep him busy.  Here are some of the ideas I’ve come up with (and to keep the big kids helping, too):

  1. Help start seedlings in containers before they are ready to plant.
  2. Help place soil in the containers for seedlings before they’re ready to plant.
  3. Rake the soil to help get the garden ready.
  4. Pull weeds and help remove tiny rocks.
  5. Place soil or mulch on the ground to help with the nutrition of the garden.
  6. Plant the fresh seeds or the seedlings in the ground.
  7. Ensure that there’s enough space in between each seed that’s planted.
  8. Water fruits and veggies on a daily basis to help keep them healthy.
  9. Help create garden markers for the garden.
  10. Help put up a garden fence to keep critters out.
  11. Write down what was planted and when it was planted.
  12. Keep an eye on which fruits and veggies are ready to be harvested.
  13. Use scissors to help cut different plants when they’re ready to harvest.
  14. Help take pictures of the progress of the garden.
  15. Clean gardening tools and put them back where they belong.
  16. Help pick fruits and veggies for that night’s dinner.
  17. Pick fruit and veggies off the main plant that are no good.
  18. Help make sure all edible fruits and veggies are picked.
  19. Help to winterize the garden when the time is right.
  20. Put away all gardening tools and decorations for the upcoming winter.

I think my biggest challenge will be to keep him out of the strawberries.  Do your kids help you in the garden?  Do you have any tips for me?

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