Free Mr. Food Decadent Desserts Recipe Ebook

Mr. Food E Cookbook
When I was growing up, my cousins, siblings, and I spent the summers at my Grandmother’s instead of a babysitter’s.  Every day, at 11:18 to be exact, we all knew to sit down and be quiet because Mr. Food was getting ready to come on.  We would grab our notebook to jot down the recipes, or if we missed one, we’d fill out a SASE to send off to get a copy.

Of course, this was before the internet, before HGTV, and even before rural satellite dishes were slightly smaller than a spaceship.  When you wanted to find a new recipe, you had to dig through book after book to find what you were looking for- and Grandma loves her cookbooks!

This Mr. Food ebook took me back down memory lane.  It is filled with yummy cakes, cookies, and other desserts.  I think I might just watch his segment this morning- it’s still on at 11:18!

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