Tips and Quick Links to Help You Take Full Advantage of The Deals

Good Morning!  I’ve been bombarding you with deals over the past few days and it will continue through the holidays.  I thought it might be a good idea to set up a post with links to all of the best spots on the site.

Remember the red words are clickable and will take you directly to each item listed.

All coupons are posted to this page: Coupons

Browse our Gift Ideas for deals items that will work great for exchanges (and yourself).

Any hot deals that will fit in your stocking can be found in the Stocking Stuffers page.

Looking for Amazon deals

Any other GREAT deals will fall into the HOT DEALS category.

Want a daily synopsis of the deals?  Click HERE to have them emailed to you!

Need help saving money- on anything?  Check out our workshops page for help from one of our experts!  We have 20 different ones available- and can do private parties!

Bookmark this page to help you navigate the site at any time.

Please remember when purchasing items that we do receive credit for a handful of links- which helps pay the bills to keep the blog running.  If we’ve helped you save money, please help us continue to do so!  Thanks!

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