AHHHH!!!!! WAHOO!!!!!! Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?


BREAKING NEWS!!!!  Hy-Vee is on it’s way to Springfield, MO as a part of the new Community Improvement District at Kansas and Battlefield. 

You have no clue how excited I am about this!  Hy-Vee does not double coupons, but runs enough in-store promotions to offset it.   I recently STOCKED up on Kraft shredded cheese for 20¢ per package with NO coupons!  The best part?  They are not AWG supplied, as the rest of our stores are.  AWG stores all run the same sales at the same times and stock identical products.  Hy-vee brings some tasty alternatives, an impressive meat counter, a full seafood counter, several restaurants, and so much more. 

The nearest Hy-Vee is at Osage Beach and is a wonderful store.  The problem is that I spend a lot of $$ elsewhere when I make the trip up there!  It is not really much further for me, but there are so many great places along the way.  We are in Springfield so much anyways, it will become just another stop- although it is on the wrong side of town. 

The Springfield News-Leader has a small blip on it today, and there will be a feature on KSPR at 10:00 tonight. 


  1. says

    I’m in Missouri, but nowhere near Springfield : ( hopefully they’ll come here as well : )


    Alicia Reply:

    Hi Angie, thanks for commenting! We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you! Where are you at?


  2. says

    YES!!!!! I am so excited about this! It is also going to be SOO close to my house! Thank you for alerting me! I will alert my readers and link back! Yahoo! Yahoo!!


    Alicia Reply:

    Even the hubby was jumping up and down tonight. It’s about time for a change!


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