Get Fresh Louisiana Seafood in Missouri for Your Super Bowl Party- Live Crawfish, King Cakes, Shrimp, and More!

I love helping out local businesses that I feel bridge a gap in our community, and Big Pop’s Fresh Louisiana Seafood does just that.

For years, we’ve had our shrimp flown in, made the drive for crawfish, or just skipped seafood altogether.  We just couldn’t get good seafood here, everything is produced in countries with little to no food regulations.

A couple of years ago, a chance occurrence led us to Big Pop’s.  He was just starting out delivering shrimp to the Ozarks, setting up at small farmer’s markets and by home delivery.  Over the past two years, he has grown into a full fledged seafood and Cajun market.  He takes specialty orders, keeps many products on-hand, and even has fresh fish flown in from time from time.

He’s gone now to Louisiana so he can bring back live crawfish and King Cakes in addition to his normal market fare.  He will be set up at the Farmer’s Market of the Ozarks on Republic Road from 9-3 on Saturday to help you with all of your Super Bowl and Mardi Gras needs. 

You can see his pricing, menu, and more by visiting their Facebook page at Big Pop’s Fresh Louisiana Seafood  They are also running a giveaway for a Super Bowl Party Pack- the winner will be drawn on Friday.

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