How We Saved $90 Per Month on Telephone Service: Obihai OBI100 VoIP: $29.99

Obihai OBI100 VoIP Telephone Adapter with Google Voice & SIP

The Obi is the cheapest way to get great phone service off of your broadband connection.  We still use a landline telephone for business calls and as an emergency line for the kids.  The Obi requires a one-time purchase of the adapter, and will hook into your router and use any landline phone!  You can port your existing number or sign up for a free VoIP service such as Google Voice.  You’ll have all of the features of a landline phone, along with FREE long distance. 

This also has the ability to run two phone lines- perfect for home businesses!

NewEgg has the Obihai OBI100 VoIP Telephone Adapter with Google Voice & SIP on sale for just $29.99 with the coupon code: EMCXSXL53 


You’ll receive free two-day shipping if you’re a Shop Runner member!  (Shop Runner offers free two-day shipping from dozens of retailers.  You may qualify for a free 30-day trial.  Sign up through Ebates and receive $5.20 in cash back for joining).

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