FREE: $25 When You Open a Kid’s Savings Account or $103 When You Open Checking at ING

We have used ING Direct for years for our savings accounts.  They offer a decent interest rate, automatic transfers, and great customer service.  There are no fees associated with their savings accounts, either! 

I love that you can create several sub accounts and label them whatever you’d like.  If you want to save up for a vacation, set up a ‘vacation’ account and automatic regular transfers. 

Today only, they are offering a free $25 credit when you set up a new kid’s savings account and make a deposit (you can go as low as 50¢).  If you are new to ING altogether, you might find that they want to verify your bank account information.  In order to bypass this, give them a call and they will give you a one time use code to avoid that.  In order to take advantage of this, either you or your kiddo must be a new customer.

Also, in order to get a FREE $103, all you need to do is set up a free checking account and make 7 debit card purchases within 30 days.  Easy enough, huh?

Here’s how you need to get started:

1. Click here:  ING DIRECT

2.  Click ‘Learn More’

3.  Click on the ING Direct logo in the upper left corner.  It will take you to a page that has the same picture as above.

4.  Click on ‘Learn More’.

5.  Select ‘Earn $103’ or ‘Open a Kid’s Account’ (or both!)

6.  Complete the registration process.

7.  To get the $103, you’ll have to make 7 debit card purchases within 45 days.  Make sure you add enough $$ to do that!

This is a SUPER easy to set up a savings account for your children.  If you schedule a $2 deposit once a week, you will have nearly $2,000 saved up by your child’s 16 birthday (if you start as an infant).  That ought to buy a starter car!

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