Frugal Easter Baskets

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Easter is right around the corner and to be honest, I forgot all about the baskets!  I’ve got lots of plastic eggs, carrots, and other stuff from Target’s clearance 2 years ago, but the kids have seen it all.

Last year, they each got a Leapfrog Didj in their basket.  I picked them up for $10 each with coupons. I’m stuck this year!  They need nothing, especially nothing that would fit in a basket (such as a new swimming pool).  I don’t like to fill them with candy, because the little one eats her weight in it.

For the Mommas has a great post from a reader on how to make a basket out of a beach towel.  I love it! Stuff it with flip flops, sunscreen, a book, swimsuit, water bottle, and maybe a beach mat.

What are you going to put in yours?  Any fantastic ideas for an Easter basket that is either a.) purposeful, b.) cheap, or hopefully c.) All of the above?


  1. Naomi says

    I found my daughter a bunch of craft stuff on clearance at wal-mart the other day. And I got some summer stuff on clearance at the end of last summer for both of my kids.


    Alicia Reply:

    That’s a fun and neat idea… that will help keep them entertained this summer!


  2. Tammy Hodges says

    I always do themed baskets. One year it was frogs, one was it was summer time with a whole beach idea, last year it was a fishing theme with a hot pink fishing rod and license and all the trimmings. I got her a pink tackle box and such. I also got her car mats and car stuff b/c last year she was able to drive. This year is going to be my best one ever! The theme is TICKLED PINK. Victoria Secret was running that special where if you spend 10.00 you get 10.00-500.00 in free gift cards in the middle of March. It was her birthday month, they let me do all separate transactions one night and I ended up with 50.00 in gift cards that have at LEAST that much in them maybe more!! The kicker of it is is I also got three items for free in March from them for being a fan on FACEBOOK! One was a dress which I let her have, one a tank and one bottle of PINK lotion. Then I found a hamper on clearance at Walmart that is HOT PINK and I am going to fill it up with all items that are pink! I cannot wait until April 1st to use those gift cards to see what I got!


    Alicia Reply:

    Super Cool! I am dying to check my cards, too. I have 5 of ‘em!


    Tammy Hodges Reply:

    I am going on Thursday, I can’t wait!!!!


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