Frugal Easter Baskets

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Easter is right around the corner and to be honest, I forgot all about the baskets!  I’ve got lots of plastic eggs, carrots, and other stuff from Target’s clearance 2 years ago, but the kids have seen it all.

Last year, they each got a Leapfrog Didj in their basket.  I picked them up for $10 each with coupons. I’m stuck this year!  They need nothing, especially nothing that would fit in a basket (such as a new swimming pool).  I don’t like to fill them with candy, because the little one eats her weight in it.

For the Mommas has a great post from a reader on how to make a basket out of a beach towel.  I love it! Stuff it with flip flops, sunscreen, a book, swimsuit, water bottle, and maybe a beach mat.

What are you going to put in yours?  Any fantastic ideas for an Easter basket that is either a.) purposeful, b.) cheap, or hopefully c.) All of the above?