Tools to Help You Budget in 2013

New year, new budget!  For many, the new year brings a fresh start to managing your finances.  Budgeting is one of the most popular resolutions made.

There are many tools available to help you meet your financial goals, so many that it can be overwhelming. 

I’d like to share a couple of tools with you that I personally use (and have used for quite some time).

1.  Credit Sesame:  This service provides you with an instant view of your credit report and score.  It also sends you email notifications if the score changes so that you can stay on top of things.

This free service was developed at Stanford University and even includes tools to help lower your debt. 

2.  ManillaManilla is a free service that allows you to manage everything in one place.  You can track all of your accounts, utilities, loyalty cards, subscriptions, rewards cards, and more. 

You can elect to receive text and/or email reminders when a bill is due, subscription is expiring, and other financial changes.

3.  Budget and Bills Printable Planner:  As techie as I am, I still prefer writing important things down on paper.  It helps me remember easier, I can see the whole picture, and it’s always accessible.  This printable set is my favorite!

Both of these have made my hectic life MUCH easier!  They are both secure and extremely safe to use.