My Budget Kitchen Remodel: Part 2 | The $30 China Cabinet

china cabinet

I mentioned the $30 china cabinet in my post about our $182 Kitchen Makeover.  The china cabinet was one of mom’s Craigslist finds.  At the time, she was unsure of what to do with it so she removed the doors and just began to paint it yellow (did I mention that she likes to paint?)

Our kitchen really needed some more storage space added to it.  We have one open wall that we weren’t quite how to make it a functional storage space.  Oh, we had lots of ideas, but many were going to be time consuming, expensive, or completely not functional. 

We decided to haul the china cabinet in and see what it looked like. 


As you can tell from the massive amount of stuff on it, we decided to keep it.  It works so well to hold snacks, fruit, cereal, and canned goods. 



It is in definite need of organization, but it’s working for now.   Maybe that should be a future post.

For now, here are some links to some of the things pictured:


Waechtersbach 72-oz. Solid Serving Bowl, Orange Peel.


Rachael Ray Stoneware 1-Quart and 2-1/4-Quart Oval Bubble & Brown Baker Set, Orange


Ball Regular Mason Canning Jar 1 Qt., Case of 12


Ball Wide-Mouth Plastic Storage Caps


If you are looking for a china cabinet JUST like it, there is one on Craigslist right  now at West Plains (it’s the one in the first photo).

Do you have any advice for some great storage items for this piece of furniture?  I’d love to hear some!  The brighter, funkier, and more retro, the better.

Stay tuned for a post on my $10 Pineapple Table!

My Kitchen Makeover: Total Cost: Under $300(including floors and installation)

You’ve probably figured out by now that we bought a house this winter.  An 1880’s (best we can guess), fully remodeled house.  The house was definitely designed for entertaining, as we have tons of outdoor space and three patios.  I still haven’t been able to count all of the firepits.  You would think that when remodeling for entertaining, the kitchen would be one of the top priorities.  Well, I think it’s safe to say that it wasn’t.  It looked like this:


See the paneled walls, drab brown cabinets, and coordinating copper marbled backsplash and counter?  The stove doesn’t fit securely between the cabinets, as a  matter of fact, there is no cabinet on the right side.

There was tan, stained carpet which flows freely from the bathroom to the kitchen to the laundry room.  Carpet in those areas is not even an option when you have children (or a husband).


I’m not a decorator by any means.  I am no good at it, I don’t like to do it, and every other reason under the sun.  However, my mom is artist, through and through.  She took full reigns on the kitchen project.  All I had to do was choose my colors. 

I love bright, funky stuff, she prefers more neutrals.  I decided that I wanted turquoise, orange, yellow, and pink.  The cabinets were still in amazing shape, with a little paint and hardware updates, they were going to suffice.  The cabinet doors were taken down, the original hinges spray painted silver, and new hardware purchased on Ebay (the CHEAPEST place to buy it).Kitchen2

The inside of the bottom cabinets were sturdy, just old.  We painted the ‘floors’ and laid peel and stick tile to create a fresh surface.

Countertop is extremely expensive, and these were sturdy and in very good shape, so we decided to decorate around them.  We can always paint or resurface them, but time was also a priority.

The hardest part was finding something inexpensive to place between the cabinets.  Because we hope to expand the kitchen at some point in the future, we needed cute and cheap.  I decided to go with a brick look.  Wallpaper was the perfect answer.  (More to come on the wallpaper later).

We also needed a cabinet to go on the side of the stove.  Mom ran across this vintage metal one at a flea market for $60!  She also snagged some barnwood look airstep vinyl at Lowe’s for the bathroom, kitchen, and utility room for just $1/sqf.  This retails for almost $6/sqf!

We don’t have the floor down yet, but Brad ripped up the carpet to see what was underneath.  We had a pleasant surprise which is working for the time being.. until we can get the other installed.

I don’t have a full total on the cost, because things such as the flooring and installation are divided among three rooms.  We purchased two rolls of paper and only used one. 

And HERE is what it looks like now:




What do you think?  Not too bad for a cosmetic fix! On the opposite wall is a huge, bright yellow china cabinet that holds dishes, cereals, bread, and snacks.  If it were a little neater, I’d have taken a photo of it, too.  Maybe when I clean it!


  • White Cabinet: $60
  • Brick Wallpaper: $30
  • Various Paint/Primer: $30
  • Hardware: $50
  • Rug: $12

TOTAL: $182 (The flooring + installation should be less than the remaining $112)

*NOTE:  The appliances in the first photo were included with the house.  We moved mine in before we started remodeling.