Alicia’s Coupon Corner: How Do I Use Electronic Coupons?



What is an electronic coupon?

An electronic coupon (commonly called E-Coupon) is a coupon that is loaded directly to shoppers (or loyalty) cards at selected stores.  You will manually load the coupons YOU want at various websites.  The discount will automatically be taken at the register when you buy each product.

Where do I find electronic coupons?

There are now several sites that offer e-coupons.  You’ll want to sign up with each one, as they all carry different coupons!  You will need the number on the back of your shoppers card to sign up.

Which stores accept electronic coupons?

Many of the larger chains are compatible with electronic coupons.  When you register for each site mentioned above, it will state which stores in your area accept e-coupons.

How many of each electronic coupon may I use at one time?

Unfortunately, you will only be allowed to use each coupon one time.  Sometimes the coupons are ‘reset’, which will allow you to reload and reuse them.

Will these coupons double?

Electronic coupons are maintained by a 3rd party, not the store, so they will not double or triple as a paper coupon would.

May I stack these with a paper coupon?

The majority of electronic coupons are manufacturer coupons and cannot be used with any other manufacturer coupon.  (Remember, it’s fraud to use two manufacturer coupons on the same item.)

How do I know what’s on my card?

When you load the coupons, you will be asked if you would like to print a shopping list.  This list details every coupon loaded to your card.  This will help you remember what coupons you have along with restrictions.  The store will not be able to access this information.

How do you feel about electronic coupons?  I think they are a great, effortless way to save extra money at the store.  The single coupon limits don’t appeal very well to the more dedicated couponers.

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