Who Owns that Brand? Easy to Read Graphic

Parent Brands

I cannot tell you how often I hear someone that is ‘boycotting’ a brand for some reason or another.  Usually it’s due to a viral rumor, but that’s another story… (remember the fake Oprah/Tommy Hilfiger scandal? )

I’ve also had couponers tell me that they organize their coupons by ‘parent company’.  WOW!  I cannot believe that they can find anything when it’s lumped into eight random groups. 

The graphic above is a very easy to read diagram of parent companies and their subsidiaries.  I wish I  could take or give credit for this graphic, but I received it in an email and there was no name attached. 

As a couponer, rebater, or just plain ‘ol shopper, it’s important to know the parent companies for several reasons.  In one of my stores this week is a promotion: Buy any 5 Kraft products, save $5 instantly.  No coupon required, the register will take care of everything.  Now you can easily find qualifying items without searching the store high and low. 

Save this photo to your computer for reference.  It will come in very handy, I promise!

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