A One of a Kind Freebie!

If you’ve seen the news in the past 2 days, you know that SW Missouri was hit with some terrible storms. Apparently, this was a once in a lifetime, rare storm, called a Depecho (pardon my spelling). These storms cause widespread, hurricane like damage across the state. While we were out at the farm yesterday cleaning up demolished barns, cutting a tree off of the house, and trying to get the tractor out of the tree, we noticed this little surprise out in the pasture.

This mule colt is the product of my beautiful horse and the ugly ‘ol donkey. We had no clue she was expecting, he’s been out in the pasture with other, smaller horses for years and nothing has ever happened. We knew she had gained weight, but thought it was from the long winter.

Tonight we checked the other horses, and it looks like the gorgeous paint, Coya, is expecting also, and soon. This is kind of a blessing in disguise, the kids’ old mare passed away a couple of months ago, this may just take their mind off of that.

Isn’t he adorable? We’re looking for a name, the kids are fighting for Ben and Hannah Montana. If you have a great name idea, leave a comment below!


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