Frugal Halloween Hint: Buying ahead!

One of my favorite Halloween tips won’t do you a whole lot of good this year, but it will make next year so much cheaper!  You can pick up some great deals when stores mark down after the season, try to leave some extra room in your budget to go shopping the week after. 

I’m not too big on 50% off sales, but K-Mart and Target will mark their seasonal merchandise down as low as 90% off.  While K-Mart doesn’t follow a traditional markdown schedule, Target does. You can expect to find 90% off on the 7th day after each holiday at Target.  Of course, some stores will mark down slightly earlier or later so your store may mark down on the 6th or 8th day after the holiday.

I love giving costumes to the nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts, and you can pick them up for mere pennies on the dollar.  At 90% off, a $24.99 costume will cost you only $2.49.  I always try to buy several and stick them in the kids’ dress up trunks.  They have plenty to choose from the next season for less than what one costume would have cost new.

You can also find lots of party favors and decorations, along with candies that are perfect for holiday baking.  By buying the favors ahead, I am always prepared for Halloween parties at school without spending a fortune.  These are also an inexpensive alternative to handing out candy to your trick or treaters!

When I’m done hitting the sales, I pack everything up into a rubbermaid tub and put it in the shed.  When I dig the tubs out before the holiday, it’s almost like I went shopping again!  It’s so much fun to go through and see all of the new merchandise that I’ve already written off the cost for.


  1. Vicki L. says

    I do this every year! I love shopping the day after a holiday! I need to get out to my storage room and pull out all my Halloween stuff! Can't wait.


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