It’s Our Anniversary!!! Giveaway Winners!

You guys are supposed to let me know if I miss something! Apparently this didn’t post- I was wondering where your mailing addresses were. Using, the numbers generated were posts 9 and 3. The winners are Michelle K. and Lavonne E. (isn’t Lavonne lucky!!!).

The bags have been backordered, but I will ship as soon as I receive them. Michelle, please email your address to

Today marks the one year anniversary of the first class offered by Gateway to Saving. This class was done under the group name ‘Frugal Friends’. I was asked by so many to share my knowledge and had very little time on my hands to work with everyone individually. This sparked an idea to my friends Lanie and Kristi, who set up the first class. Attendance was off the charts- completely unexpected.

Ironically, this class also took place on my birthday- sure makes it easy to remember! We had such a great time and everyone learned so much that I eventually decided to make this my full time hobby/profession. Looking back, I regret nothing. This has been quite the venture, but i wouldn’t trade it for the world. The classes have helped so many families get their finances on track without making drastic cuts in the lifestyles they were used to.

As my birthday/anniversary gift to you, I will be giving away (2) reusable Gateway to Saving canvas shopping bags. Each participant will be allowed up to two (2) entries into this drawing. You can earn one entry for leaving a comment regarding your favorite thing about Gateway to Saving. You can also earn one additional entry for leaving a comment telling me what you would like to see from Gateway to Saving in the future.

This giveaway will end at noon CST on Thursday, July 23rd.


  1. Michelle K says

    My favorite thing about Gateway to Saving is learning how to get items free or be paid for something I purchased. 2 months ago I would never have imagined that was possible.


  2. brooklyn417 says

    My favorite thing about Gateway to Savings is finding great deals on the things I buy all the time. Since taking the class and checking the blog along with other internet sites my family is saving over $400 a month.


  3. brooklyn417 says

    I would like to see more open classes. I really want to take the retail and online shopping class to save for Christmas.


  4. Lavonne says

    I have enjoyed meeting new people and hearing/reading about their experiences. This has helped me understand couponing the "smart" way. I get so excited when someone posts their "brags" on the forum.


  5. Lavonne says

    I would like to attend more "Coupon Swaps". The 1st one was loads of fun and informative as well. It was interesting to see what others are getting "FREE" or nearly free to use in the stockpile swap. :-)


  6. Ann Robertson says

    My favorite thing about GTS is freebies. It's crazy, I know, but it feels empowering to know I got something I needed/wanted and never paid a dime for it.

    What else I looovvvveee about GTS is how many donations our "Mission Nutrition" program receives because people can afford to give a little more. THANKS!!


  7. sarahmurray2000 says

    What I love about GTS is the encouragement you get from others when you do well or need help with something. We are all in this together and it is a lot of fun and helpful when people post their brags!


  8. Karen R says

    Favorite thing: Gateway to Saving opened my eyes to all the great savings offered out and to being able to share LOTS more with local food banks.


  9. K Alexander says

    my favorite thing about GTS is that it saves me time. I have a 3 year old at home and I want to give him as much of my attention at home. with the Blog and Forum, i can quickly scan for good deals and get right back to him.
    Thanks Alicia!


  10. K Alexander says

    i would love to see more matchups. even just a section on the forum for people to post their matchups. i am also interested in learning more about "frugal living", as i understand you are calling it something different now, but i haven't heard any news about a class since i hosted a beginners class.


  11. Alicia says

    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Julia, the classes normally have hands on demonstration, but some facilities are not equipped to handle it in the private setting.

    It's becoming increasingly difficult to host a variety of public classes, due to low enrollment. All of the classes are available in private and home class formats and will soon be available online.

    K- the store specific sections on the forums are for matchups. Anyone is free to post there as they wish. Also, I think you're referring to the Sensible Living class.. I've scheduled a few, but not a lot of interest in a public setting.

    There is a stockpile swap in the works!


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