What’s the strangest reason you’ve been given…

for a store not accepting a coupon? I know there are so many stories out there that stem from uneducated cashiers and managers. Although we all know that these excuses have no truth, some are still hilarious!

I would like to share my personal favorite non-acceptance excuse:
I was at WM once, and I had a coupon that wouldn’t scan. It was one of the long, rectangular coupons that is the full length of the insert page. The cashier wouldn’t force it and called the CSM. She studied it for a minute and said, “OH, I know why it won’t work. We only take square coupons! You know the ones that are about this big (motioned with her hands) by this big (another motion).

When I questioned it, she said that their registers are programmed not to take that shape because they don’t fit in the drawer.

I was laughing so hard that I squeaked out “just take it off then” and left, doubled over in laughter!

What are some of your funny stories? Leave a comment below.


  1. Brittany says

    Mine is also at WM…I think I was buying Carefree(which is one of those things you don't exactly want waved around the store!) and the cashier called the CSM because I had more than one of that coupon…(*eye roll*) the CSM said, "Oh, we can't take these because they say DO NO DOUBLE…" I explained what double coupons was and she looked at me like I was a …lier. I just asked for it to be removed after both she and the cashier went through all of my bags and made me stand there so long. I requested that she (the CSM) go talk to her supervisors about what double coupons was. Funny coupon reasons is why I love Dillons much more than WM!


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