At The Sensible Family, we offer a wide variety of workshops suited to teach you how to save on EVERYTHING you can think of!  Whether you are looking to cut your grocery bill, take a vacation, buy a car, or slash your Christmas budget, we’ve got a class for you.

Our Workshops (click on the name of each for a full description):

Full Length Workshops:

Multi-Session Workshops


Mini-workshops are 1-2 hour themed workshops.  If you’d like one that you don’t see listed, email with your request.  There’s a good chance that we can put something together to meet your needs.

  • Back to School
  • Wedding
  • Baby
  • Travel
  • Entertainment
  • Frugal Living
  • Square Foot Gardening
  • Menu Planning
  • Freezer Cooking
  • Stockpile Cooking
  • DIY Cleaners
  • DIY Spice Mixes
  • Creating a Home Management Binder

Available for corporate and charity events:

No Coupons?  No Problem!  This is a fun filled, eye opening, 1.5 hour workshop designed to help families save a fortune on their groceries without touching a coupon or spending more time in store!


Gateway to Saving workshops make the perfect fundraiser for your group or organization.  We have one of the easiest, quickest, and highest paying fundraiser programs available.  Due to large demand, spots are limited.  For more information, visit our Fundraiser Information Page

Upcoming Public Workshops:

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Home Parties and Private Events:

At Gateway to Saving, we LOVE private events!  If you’d like to host one of our workshops in the comfort of your home, office, church, or even at your favorite restaurant, visit our home parties page!

What others are saying about our workshops:

“We regularly offer the Gateway to Saving programs at Missouri State University for our faculty and staff through the Employee Wellness Program. We have such strong interest that we keep a running waiting list for every class! The reviews I get even months after the program had run are phenomenal. Women and men alike email me telling me what they bought and how much they saved by using the principals that Alicia teaches. These people are saving in the hundreds of dollars right after each class! You think you know it all until you attend one of Alicia’s classes! You will be amazed and how much you’ll save on groceries and be able to spend on something much more exciting than a tube of toothpaste and a box of macaroni each week!” – Sheila Bowen, Missouri State University

“We have cut our $400-$450 monthly grocery bill down to $100-$150 with your Ultimate Couponing I Workshop.Since we cut our grocery bill down to around $150 a month, we can now pay an extra $320 a month towards our mortgage I called up GMAC and had them calculate it into the loan for me, they say at that rate we will have our house paid off in 8 years instead of 29″ Clayton B.

“I took your Christmas class last October. We spent roughly $800 for everything. It helped us save $152 dollars last year. This year I am almost done and have spent $300. Thank You!”- Brandy C. (08/18/2011)

“Since taking your classes starting last fall, Ultimate Couponing I, II, Christmas, and Sensible Shopping I have saved my family around $3000. Haven’t had as much time to spend on it this summer, but still saving at least 30% on groceries and using my stockpile of basics.”- Lynn R.