Grocery Budget Bootcamp

Is your grocery bill out of control? Are you tired of paying full price for household items and cosmetics? This workshop is for you!

This three session workshop is designed to help YOU with YOUR grocery bill. We’re going to cover hundreds of tips and tricks to save money on every consumable item you purchase.

So many of you need hands-on information, and this workshop is not going to disappoint you. While many of our other workshops are set up in a lecture format, this one will take a hands-on instructional format. Attendance will be capped at 25 registrants per sessions so that I may provide you with my undivided attention.

Session #1:
Determining your spending
Addressing desired budget
Learning sales cycles
Reading Grocery Ads
Menu Planning
Saving on Meat and Produce
Marketing Traps (learning these traps can save you thousands each year- and you’ll spend less time in the store)
List building
Inexpensive Substitutions
Learning How to Read Expiration Dates

Session #2:
Setting Spending Goals
Practical Couponing Information
Local Store Policies
Collecting Coupons
Organic Food Deals

Session #3
Drugstore Shopping
Advanced Couponing Information
Food Storage
Finalizing Grocery Lists
Overview of Current Sales
Custom analysis of Your Grocery Budget

*In addition to hours of NEW material, information from Ultimate Couponing I, Ultimate Couponing II, and No Coupons? No Problem! will be incorporated into this workshop.