Ultimate Couponing III

As of February 1st, 2011, we now have 3 different Ultimate Couponing workshops. Why? Because there is so much important information that we just didn’t have time to get to when there were just 2 workshops!

Ultimate Couponing III* is an informal workshop designed with YOU in mind. We will cover any and all questions you have regarding all aspects of couponing. This is your chance to pick my brain and that of other couponers. This workshop is limited to 10 students so that each person leaves with all of the questions answered.. well, about grocery savings at least.

We also cover some more in-depth topics such as:

* Turning your couponing into real profits
* Stockpiling for charity- how to purchase multiple items for very little
* Tracking your savings
* Prescriptions for free!
* The ins and outs of internet resources.
* and anything else you choose!

When registering for this class, please send me an email with questions you may have so that they can be worked into the syllabus!

Comfy clothes and outgoing personalities recommended!

*In order to register for Ultimate Couponing III, you MUST have taken Ultimate Couponing I and II (no exceptions). I’ve found that many benefit from taking I and II twice (or multiple times in some cases). Once you’ve gotten started, retaking these classes will reinforce many of the details you might have missed. This prevents us from spending a good portion of Ultimate Couponing III reviewing previous workshops.

Unable to take a workshop in person?  Our 85 page ebook is a transcript of our workshops!  Get yours by clicking here: Ultimate Couponing Ebook