Work from Home

Our Work from Home series is full of workshops designed to help you kick off your work at home career.  Beginning a work at home career is a very overwhelming task, as there are thousands of legitimate options available.  Scams are prevalent in the work at home world, and our goal is to provide you with only the most secure opportunities.

We specialize in zero cost opportunities and low cost startups. There are thousands of home businesses that can be started for less than $500, and many of those cost less than $100.

Our workshops include:

Sensible Earnings: This workshop is a general overview of the work at home world.  We’ll touch on over 200 jobs that are available for some quick cash.  We also cover basic business and tax laws to get you started.

Create Your Dream Job:  We will focus on finding the perfect work at home career for you.  The most successful business owners are those who are passionate about their job.  We’ll analyze your skills and interests and compare the results to current trends to build a basic business plan that will have you up and running in no time.

Freelancing 101:  Many large companies are looking to contract individuals with various skills.  You may be an expert in typing, a creative writing genius, a graphic designer, love talking on the phone, or posses dozens of other skills that are of value to others.  We will show you how to find work, hone your skills, obtain proper licensure, and much more.

Blogging 101:  Want to start a blog but have no idea where to begin?  We’ll cover choosing a niche, determining a name, setting up your site, organization, monetization (that’s making money!), design do’s and don’ts, current information laws, and much more.

Social Media Skills:  Social media is so much more than just updating a Facebook status.  We’ll delve into the basics of the top social media networks.  You’ll learn how to set up successful campaigns, schedule postings, initiate discussions, understand the value of each connection made, follow the rules of each network to avoid disruption and legal implications, and analyze the results of your media work.

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