Are you spending too much of your income on groceries?

It’s time to TAKE CONTROL of your grocery budget!

It’s estimated that the average family spends 48% of their income on food and personal care products.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend nearly half of my income on consumable items!

As a former accountant, saving money has always been one of my top priorities.  I’ve spent years learning all of the tricks to save on nearly everything.  In 2007, I decided to share some of these tricks in a public workshop.  Little did I know that a one-time, hour-long workshop would turn into such an amazing opportunity.  That hour long workshop has now grown into eight, three hour long nationally recognized workshops, that have helped tens of thousands of people drastically reduce their spending.

In order to provide the information covered in our Ultimate Couponing I workshop to those who are unable to take a workshop in person (or those who would like descriptive notes to supplement the workshop), we created the Ultimate Couponing Ebook.

The Ultimate Couponing Ebook is an 70+ page download that will get you on track to saving instantly!  Whether you’re a beginner or an extreme couponer, you’ll learn plenty of tricks to drastically reduce your weekly expenses.

Most students boast a $60 savings within a week of taking the Ultimate Couponing I workshop, and the savings just keep racking up!

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